Tuesday, 1st December Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of NZ and the Nutrition Society of Australia

9:00AM - 12:30PM
Tuesday, 1st December
Rangimarie 1

For more information and registration for this event please go to the 2015 Postgraduate and Early Career Nutrition Conference Website

1:30PM - 1:50PM
Tuesday, 1st December
Rangimarie 1
1:50PM - 5:30PM
Tuesday, 1st December
Rangimarie 1
Chair: Niikee Schoendorfer

1.50-2.00 pm – Welcome by the chair

Dr Niikee Schoendorfer – University of Queensland


2.00-2.30 pm – Session 1 – “Making yourself visible on the net as a researcher”.

Dr Nenad Naumovski – University of Canberra

Speaker will cover:

  • Setting up and utilizing google scholar academic profiles
  • Benefits of ResearchGate for research dissemination
  • Other academic and publication based sites eg. PhDTree



2.30-3.00pm – Session 2 – using social media

Dr Vanessa Vaughan – Deakin University

Speaker will cover:

  • Twitter
  • Linked-in
  • Facebook
  • Instagram





3.00-3.30 pm – Session 3 – e-portfolios

Associate Professor Tanya Lawlis – University of Canberra

Speaker will cover:

  • Why you might consider the use of e-portfolios and their applications
  • How to go about putting one together
  • Tips for maximizing the technology and common pitfalls


3.30-4.00 pm – Tea break


4.00-5.00pm – Session 4 – Video Blogs and Youtube

Dr Damien Belobrajdic – University of SA

Speaker will cover:

  • potential benefits of making video blogs to your science research and career
  • tips on how to make a video blog – story structure, equipment, style
  • Utilising youtube



5.00-5.30pm – Panel Q & A Session