Oral Presentation Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of NZ and the Nutrition Society of Australia

Dietary patterns are associated with pubertal development among adolescents in Xi’an City, China (202)

Ming Li 1 , Zumin Shi 2
  1. Centres for Population Health Research, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, , Adelaide, SA, Australia
  2. Discipline of Medicine, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, SA, Australia

Aims: To assess dietary patterns and its association with pubertal development among adolescents in Xi’an city in China.

Methods: A Totla of 1741 adolescents aged 11-17 years from 30 junior high schools across 6 districts from Xi'an City were included in the study. Dietary patterns were generated with principal component analysis from food intake collected using 24-hour recall method. Pubertal information was collected separately for boys and girls using a confidential questionnaire. Age of menarche or voice change, and pubertal development were compared by socio-demographic characteristics and dietary patterns. The association between pubertal development and dietary patterns were assessed using generalized estimating equation (GEE) model adjusted for cluster sampling methods, socio-demographic factors and overweight/obesity.

Results: Mean menarche age was 12.5 years (95% CI 12.4-12.6), and mean voice change age was 13.1 years (95% CI 13.0-13.2). Overweight/obese adolescents or those from wealthier families living in urban areas had earlier menarche or voice change. 38.4% adolescents, mostly boys (74.0% vs 2.1% girls) were at the stage of pre-pubertal stage. “Urban pattern” (higher in rice, meat and vegetables) and “Snacking pattern” (higher in desserts and chickens, sweets and beverages) were associated with significantly earlier attainment of voice change, and advanced pubertal development in boys, but not in girls with any pubertal indicators.

Conclusions: Diets higher in snacks and meat with oil and rice were associated with advanced pubertal stage in boys but not in girls. Adolescents from wealthier households in urban districts had earlier pubertal attainment indicated by menarche or voice change.

Funding source(s): Wellcome Trust