Poster Presentation Joint Annual Scientific Meeting of the Nutrition Society of NZ and the Nutrition Society of Australia

Motivational interviewing and values clarification: behavioural therapy for weight loss  (#P32)

Danielle Arenson 1 , Anne-Therese McMahon 1 , L Tapsell 1 , F Deane 1 , A Nagy 1
  1. School of Medicine, Nutrition & Dietetics, University of Wollongong, NSW, Australia

Background: Health coaching using behavioural therapy is an effective method for encouraging weight loss. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy focuses on connecting individuals with their values to change behaviour. There is no current method for assessing value clarity of participants of a weight loss trial through telephone health coaching.

Aim: To determine the reliability of a criteria-based scoring instrument developed to determine the clarity of values articulated by participants of a weight loss intervention trial.

Methods: An instrument and corresponding protocol (Value Articulation Instrument (VAI)), were developed to analyse value clarification in telephone health coaching sessions of a weight loss trial (n=18). The VAI was developed using an iterative process of reviewing and refining until deemed valid for use. Interrater reliability was measured using Kappa Coefficient and Spearman’s Correlation between two raters. Discrepancies were discussed between raters to determine reliability.

Results: Interrater reliability ranged from poor to substantial with kappa coefficients -0.098 to 0.647 at the second stage of development. Raters then discussed variances in results and modified the VAI to develop a reliable instrument for rating.

Conclusion: The refined version of the VAI was deemed reliable for scoring value clarity of participants. Further modifications may be required for future research.

Funding source: N/A